Guider rolls out smart wears with the long-term care system program

In order to cope with the significant growth in demand for chronic disease management and long-term care services in the post-pandemic era, Guider Tech has launched the "Health Wearable with Long-term Care Auxiliary Service System" monthly rental scheme. It can assist adult daycare operators, institutional leaders, health villages, community long-term care, and other operators to effectively enhance the energy of long-term care in science and technology.



The solution includes 30 pieces of 700G smart wearables with SOS buttons and real-time health data uploads. There are as well as a complete nursing station management platform, a health data analysis platform, and an interactive APP for children and families. And it will also help operators establish exclusive large-scale wall TV data dashboards to enhance the energy of scientific and technological care and market competitiveness.



The overall system can effectively reduce the operator's labor costs, improve service efficiency, extend the quality of service, and create market competitiveness. It’s coupled with a monthly leasing plan of only NT$4,980, and it can help the industry to be more flexible in financial management, fully offset tax, effectively reduce operating costs, and greatly increase profitability.


Rental Solution Introduction PPT Download Link:

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