Guider collaborates with Haiwang Medicine Group Co.

(News source : Commercial Times)

Established for more than 10 years specializing in medical equipment, health management, and other industries, Guider Technology, after chairman Xu Binxiang for the year-on-year long-term cultivation of long-term care, medical equipment, and related AI, APP application services, etc., is gradually showing broad business opportunities through the strength of smart medical and health big data AI applications, and the company is ready to expand investment in the near future, fully seize the mainland medical and pension market and move towards the goal to be publicly listed.

In the future, Haiwang Medicine Group will integrate 3,500 pharmacies into 140 elderly care stations in Beijing and is expected to complete the connection of the systems and services of all the stations in Beijing in the near future. Guider Tech is also expected to complete the connections with Haiwang Medicine Group Co. this year to practice the planning of capital listing.

In addition, the US-listed medical group, Harmonic Medical, recently create a subsidiary in Tianjin due to its optimism about the Chinese smart medical market, and at the same time joined hands with Taiwan's Guider Tech, which specializes in the development of health big data analysis applications and AI applications, to enter the mainland market. Both companies confirmed the joint construction of a cooperation team in the medical AI system and officially signed a large purchase contract.

As Guider Tech has the professional ability to improve participation in AI big data application services, the service has become the first prize winner of the 16th Smart Medical Industry Application Group of the NHQA of the Joint Commission of Taiwan. In addition to being awarded the National Healthcare Quality Award, the JCT recently cooperated with the government to shoot the development prospects of the domestic smart medical industry, and interviewed Guider Tech in a special interview, affirming the contribution of Guider’s continuous improvement and development to the internationalization of Taiwan's smart medical services.

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