Guider made the first move to collaborate with Qualcomm about 5G digital health

(News source : Money Weekly)

Qualcomm Inc. is the world's 5G network and communication equipment overlord! Qualcomm is also optimistic about the trend and opportunities of this wave of 5G + digital health, planning to use 5G networks to connect health, medical care, and pension into a cloud service model, and also actively integrates Taiwan's global supply chain advantages in healthy wear, builds an accelerator for “Qualcomm Wearables Ecosystem Accelerator” -a smart wear ecosystem, and takes the vision of making life better in smart cities to turn high-quality living models into service models (as a Service) that are readily accessible like water and electricity.

After establishing cooperation opportunities with Qualcomm U.S.A. last year, it has actively established successful cases in the global market and has successfully built a 5G digital health service platform in Indonesia with Indocyber, the largest local system integrator, to connect 1,300 clinics in Indonesia, with health wear and remote medical and health cloud platform, serving up to 500,000 employees and users of Indonesian State Grid Corporation PLN.

ProMedica U.S.A. is the second-largest medical group in the United States, but also the largest pension group and medical insurance company, optimistic about the advantages of real-time digital health management and telemedicine service platform in the post-pandemic era, chose Guider Tech as a global partner, so that Guider accumulated for many years of hard power of wearables integrated health care service platform, and obtained an important opportunity to successfully get on the international stage.

Guider Tech has accumulated three consecutive years of for-profit visa financial reports, coupled with mature and international manufacturers of smart wear and telemedicine platform, coupled with the AI precision health analytics platform that won the 18th National Innovation Award in 2021, which will be a huge transformation opportunity for Guider to transform its hardware sales business model into a software service platform model. Guider expects to introduce the Taiwan Big Four accounting system services by the end of this year and plans to be publicly listed in 2022, working towards this path.


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