Guider muscles into smart healthcare opportunities, performances skyrocket

(News source : Commercial Times)

Guider Tech said that the company, which is actively deployed in the field of 5G smart medical care, participated in the 2022 Smart City Exhibition. We exhibit mature B2B smart wearables, telemedicine systems, AI precision health analysis platforms, etc., and show the strong strength of smart medical care.

In addition to the cooperation with Qualcomm U.S.A. this year, Guider Tech will continue to expand to the global market. The Chunghwa Telecom health cloud platform which cooperated with Chief Telecom is also about to be inside physical stores. And the product solution verification of large medical groups in the United States has also been completed, and it is actively negotiating order details.

With the increase and need of recent medical orders, besides the dialysis patient monitoring systems from the Ministry of Health and Welfare Ministry Hospital, there is also the exclusive invitation for the cooperation of the M100 telemedicine case and the management system of the largest private medical group in Taiwan, the elderly home care system integration order of the large domestic security industry dealers, and the smart wear cooperation order of Far Eas Tone Telecom.

These new domestic orders combined with the shipment plans of large foreign customers are expected to provide the performance required for the public offering of Guider Tech in the second quarter. And through the visa of the Big Four, Guider actively hopes to achieve the goal of becoming a listed company by the end of the year.

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