Guider pushes forward the new generation of smart long-term care end users and platform

(News source : Commercial Times)

▲Guider's long-term care solution. 

The problem of aging is becoming more and more serious, and the pandemic has led to a reduction in the energy and space for care and it has caused a huge impact on the elderly, long-term care workers, and the administration of the Taiwanese authorities! Although the mortality rate of the pandemic has been under control, coexisting with the virus has gradually become a global consensus. The trend of aging and the urgent need for long-term care have not decreased but increased! It may be the only solution in the future to satisfy the needs by bringing in technological long-term care and telemedicine.

Guider can provide a customized terminal platform, exclusive APP, and exclusive data management background system at the same time. And cooperate with existing long-term care providers, medical operators, and health management operators in a complete set of transfer or leasing methods. Through B2B's technology care terminal and smart long-term care data management platform, existing long-term care operators can effectively improve customer satisfaction, significantly reduce operating labor costs, and enhance good market competitiveness for enterprises!


Guider Tech's smart and technological care platform has been successfully exported to the international market, and in this post-pandemic era of long-term care services and telemedicine needs, it will provide value-added service platforms with strength, enhance the competitiveness and service capabilities of existing long-term care service providers, and also contribute to the aging trend.

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