The Innovation of Smart Wearable Medical Devices: AIoT Data Services Empowering Hospital Workforce Optimization

Guider Tech is honored to have been featured in TechNice( for the successful integration of micro-wearable terminals 300B and 900Q 4G communication smartwatches into a B2B user management platform.


Guider Tech’s applications span various fields, including healthcare, caregiving, transportation, pet care, and maternity, effectively reducing the strain on healthcare workforce resources while enhancing workplace safety and management mechanisms.


This marks a significant step towards entering the emerging market of smart health wearables.


Built upon a foundation of technology and IoT terminal architecture, Guider Tech have developed wearable devices that seamlessly integrate into users' daily lives.


The devices are user-friendly, allowing seniors to wear them effortlessly and upload real-time data to the cloud. These devices include features such as monitoring blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, body temperature, and more.

By combining AI, big data analytics, and IoT, Guider Tech provides comprehensive integrated information that enables proactive safety management for wearable users.


This not only enhances competitiveness and risk management in the workplace but also facilitates real-time communication through 4G smartwatches, ensuring effective message transmission during emergencies and reducing the occurrence of disasters.

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