Guider collaborates with a well-known insurance company in Taiwan

As health awareness rises, Taiwanese people are gradually paying attention to health and insurance. There are corresponding insurances for young people over 20 to 70 years old to choose from. Guider's collaboration is going to provide health wearables to make spillover-effect insurance extra valuable and keep critical illness away from you.

Guider RingmiiHX health wearable helps the company's insurance sales representatives give policyholders the best service and promote offline health activities, and effectively narrow the distance between insurers and policyholders. The functions of the wearables stimulate the health awareness of policyholders in the group, make them do a health examination every two years to make themselves healthier, and have more stable values. They can also keep an eye on their physical data and health status through the wearables before and after the health checkups.



After the insurance is bought, the most convenient way to keep in touch with the policyholders would be using communication software. Guider's staff will create a communication group after the sale and regularly provide information about the wearables to the sales representatives. And every policyholder can share their own experience and ask questions, and the Guider staff will also give corresponding answers so that every sharer and user can blend the wearables into their daily routine and help improve their quality of life.



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