Guider Senior care NB-IoT GPS positioning Smartband 500P

500P Senior care smart band.Take good care of your family for a lifetime!
This smart band is designed for caring for the well-being of the elderly who has no smartphones.

It has built-in NB-IoT eSIM of the carrier. 1 years free of call charge is included when purchased!
It supports outdoor GPS, indoor Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth beacon positioning.
It has a built-in SOS button. Once pressed, the current location of the wearer will share to all family members.
Body temperature, heart rate, sleeping behavior, and activity data will upload to Guider cloud automatically.
It can connect Bluetooth medical devices such as glucose meters, sphygmomanometers, and oximeters.
When the smart band is taken off or the body temperature and heart rate number is abnormal, it will notify family members immediately.
《This is a non-medical device. It can only be used for self-health management and not diagnosing or monitoring diseases.》
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