2021 Medical Device Forum - The strategies and cooperation with multinational corporations

Guider Tech will announce the interdisciplinary case of global medical device technology forum on behalf of IDB. We are the top notch company in the biotechnology industry, and Taiwanese government is actively promoting us to the international market.


The general values of medical devices have been on the rise in the global markets due to the rapid development of genetic engineering, technology digitalization as well as the COVID-19 pandemic impact. BMI Research estimated that the global market scale of medical devices will increase to as much as USD $475.3 billion in 2022. The American and European markets will take up at least 70% of the figure. Therefore, it is crucial for related corporations to know how to promote their products into the markets successfully.


What are the business thinking models for multinational corporations (MNCs) in selecting partners, assessing M&A targets, and strategizing supply chains? Through keynote speeches conducted by the executives from prestigious multinational corporations, such as Novartis, Sanofi and many more, and experience sharing from domestic corporations in securing orders in the global markets, attendees in this forum will not only obtain the crucial strategies for expanding their business into oversea markets, but have an opportunity to participate in in-depth panel discussions.

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