Seamless Health Solutions: Smart Wearable Materials for Elderly, Maternal, Pet, and Corporate Needs

Discover the future of health management with Guider Technology, spearheaded by Chairman Xu Binxiang. Guider pioneered smart wearable medical materials to transform wellness across industries. Our decade-long journey has been marked by national accolades and industry acclaim for our groundbreaking products.

Our solutions cater to diverse group of sectors:

  • Hospital Management
  • Long-Term Care
  • Enterprise Safety
  • Maternal Care
  • Petcare

Experience our compact IOT B2B 300B wearable revolutionizing elderly care with instant alerts and postpartum care with seamless connectivity to medical professionals.

Our commitment extends to pet care monitoring their vital signs and linking them with veterinarians.

In corporate realms, we forge partnerships to create precise safety management platforms, safeguarding miners and employees with cutting-edge wearable devices.

Our innovations improve lives and business efficiency, cutting costs and reducing risks in healthcare and enterprise. With real-time health data and advanced tech, we're reshaping modern healthcare.

Join us as we continue to push the boundaries of medical wearable technology, forging new partnerships and empowering healthier, smarter communities with Guider Technology.


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