300B - Miniaturized Real-time Monitoring IoT Device

1. ECG Reconstruction via PPG
2. Real-time monitoring of multiple physiological parameters
3. Wearable, stickable, combinable
4. Unique exterior design that seamlessly fits current hospital usage.
5. Supporting HIS integration with data gateway
One single gateway can accommodate up to 60 devices, making it ideal for large-scale scenarios.
6. Physiological abnormality alerts.
7. AI data training support.
8. Aiding physicians in precision treatment.

The measurable physiological values include:
╴ Body temperature
╴ Room temperature
╴ Heart rate (HR)
╴ Blood pressure (BP)
╴ Blood oxygen saturation (SpO2)
╴ R-R interval (RRI)
╴ Heart rate variability (HRV)
╴ Respiration rate
╴ SOS emergency service
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